• How I Became a Data Scientist
Photo: Commissioning at the Advanced Light Source at Berkeley Lab
Photo: Commissioning at the Advanced Light Source at Berkeley Lab

The Sunday before last was my fabulous final shift, as a food server, on the historic sidewalks of San Francisco’s Castro District. My “part-time” adventure in the service industry took off in Vegas (double-fabulous) where I attended college, and it ignited an earnest appreciation for relating to strangers.

I graduated with an MS in Physics in August 2019, a week after I was hired at Harvey’s Restaurant. After spending 18-months performing research as a PhD candidate in an isolated concrete bunker, affectionately known as “the cave,” I was seeking community in vocation. I was…

Image: Advanced Photo-Injector Experiment at Berkeley Lab (LBNL). Analyzing millions of images, alongside cross-functional teams at LBNL, prepared me for success in deadline-driven environments such as my 13–week Data Science Immersive program.

The first of December last year, I was raising awareness for World AIDS Day. This year I used my mobile workstation’s GPU to train an artificial neural network six times faster than by CPU processing alone. Both were personal challenges with the power to help people, and both are memorable for the way they pushed me outside my comfort zone.

This week I will present my final Capstone project and graduate from the Data Science Immersive program I began last fall. My virtual cohort of only 12 is dispersed across the western United States and, while there has been little…

Brandon Griffin

Rigorous, curious, and thirsty for data. Scientist driving meaningful change within targeted life-communities, here and now. https://griffinbran.github.io/

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